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Public Safety Evaluation Instructions

  • Please bring a photo id

  • No firearms or weapons are permitted

  • Arrive on time for scheduled appointment

  • Cell phones will need to be turned off during the evaluation

  • The evaluation lasts between 2 and 4 hours. 

  • You may bring drinks and/or food if desired.


Virtual Evaluations


If you are receiving the interview and assessments virtually, you will receive an email for a secure video link at your scheduled time and then on the examination date you will receive links to the assessments that you will be administrated.


The assessment administration can take between 60-90 minutes. While doing the assessments you will be monitored via video screen, so be prepared to have 2 windows open on your screen OR have 2 electronic devices available: one for the video/interview and another to do the assessments.


Please be in private space for your virtual appointment, the evaluation will not be conducted if you are driving. 

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