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Dr. Wolanin is the founder and President of Wolanin Consulting and Assessment Inc., which provides psychological consultation services for organizations and individuals.  The foundation of the consulting services is to enhance the performance of various types of organizations through the use of psychological assessment for employee selection, risk, and performance, providing individual consultations to enhance employee wellbeing and performance and to provide consultation to organizations about strategies and structure for enhanced performance and wellness of their employees. Wolanin Consulting and Assessment Inc. works with public safety agencies, sports teams and many other types of organizations where performance, safety, and wellbeing are critical for success.

Dr. Wolanin has worked with public safety agencies for over 15 years and has experience with Federal, state, local, and university departments.  He provides prehire evaluations as well as fitness for duty, promotional, special assignment, academy, and wellness services.

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Dr. Crichlow is a licensed psychologist who has been providing psychological assessment services since 2004. He was trained at La Salle University’s clinical doctoral program with rotations in health psychology, cognitive assessment and evidenced based therapeutic practices. He focuses on police and public safety psychology which involves pre-employment evaluations for law enforcement and first responder personnel.He has worked in inpatient psychiatric hospitals, state forensic facilities, pain management, drug and alcohol treatment, and school settings. He specializes in providing intellectual testing for individuals with learning disabilities, ADHD, intellectual deficits and other diagnoses. 



Experience You Can Count On

Doctor of Psychology

Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology, Sport and Performance Concentration

Dissertation: Mindfulness-Acceptance-Commitment (MAC) Based Performance Enhancement for Division I Collegiate Athletes: A Preliminary Investigation.

Founder and President, Wolanin Consulting and Assessment Inc.

  • Provide psychological assessment for:

  • Public Safety evaluations

  • Pre-medical intervention evaluations

  • Draft selection and return to play sports evaluations

  • Learning disability evaluations

  • ADHD evaluations

  • Psycho-diagnostic evaluations and treatment planning

  • Pre-hire psychological evaluations

  • Employee selection

  • Forensic Evaluations

  • Return to school and fitness for duty evaluations

Director, Department of Advanced Studies in Psychology, Kean University

  • Achieved 7-year APA accreditation for the Psy.D. Program in Combined School and Clinical Psychology.

  • Coordinated APA site visit for the Psy.D. Program in Combined School and Clinical Psychology.

  • Completion of initial self-study for APA Accreditation review

  • Maintenance of ASPPB accreditation for the Psy.D. Program in Combined School and Clinical Psychology.

  • Program assessment and statistical analysis of outcomes.

  • Doctoral curriculum and program development.

  • Student mentoring and advising.

  • Clinical and research supervision.

  • Faculty supervision and development.

  • Overall financial and administrative responsibilities for doctoral program and professional development program.

  • Engagement in campus wide administrative activities.

  • Coordination of clinical training, research programs and student activities in doctoral and master’s program.

  • Supervision of administrative staff.

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